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B-day : September 24th
Height : 5' 9"
Weight : 130
Stats : 40DDD-25-34
Lives : Las Vegas, NV
Fan Club : April Hunter
PMB 11
8665 W. Flamingo #131
Las Vegas, NV 89147

E. J. here, on a crowded jet full of tourists heading from Miami to Las Vegas. They hope to have fun and make some dough. I hope they do, but, not to spoil things, I decline to announce that Vegas wasn't built because people won. If I did, they'd throw me off the plane. As for me, I'm on the way to Las Vegas to cover two days of Exotic Dancer Publications' 8th annual Gentlemen's Club Owners' Expo, and then two days of the Exotic Dancer Fan Fair at Caesars Palace, two separate events held under the same umbrella. Unlike my fellow passengers, I won't have a lot of time to drop my wad in the casinos. As good, law abiding SCORE Guys, T and I will honor this directive. Although he has been to American porno conventions, this is T's first stripper's expo and I have already informed him by email to the UK about what's expected of us as SCORE media. But don't be discouraged, SCORELAND members. Things change, as you will see later in the week, because the very definition of nudity is a hazy one. Our motto is: "Never stop a dancer from dropping her top."

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Our British SCORELAND correspondent named T is already checked in at Harrahs and has picked up his SCORE press. T flew across the Big Pond a few days ago. He'll be doing the 'View from England,' an Expo report as seen through the eyes of the horny (or should I say randy) eyes of the British SCORE Guy. He did the same for Boob Cruise 2000 at SCORELAND some weeks back. With luck, both of us should be able to leave no bra unturned. I write this phrase figuratively. Here's part of the photojournalist's directive from the Exotic Dancer organization. "There is no nudity whatsoever allowed on the Caesars property; photographers encouraging entertainers to flash will lose their credentials. It's not our rule, ladies and gentlemen, but we have to enforce it." This is true. It's actually the conservative Caesars Palace management that's anti-nudity, not Expo chief Don Waitt and his staff.

AprilHunter06.jpg AprilHunter07.jpg Expo15.jpg Expo27.jpg Expo35.jpg

Some bath tub goo
Having fun at strip tease land
Since April Hunter didn't attend Expo 2000, we are compelled to run this February 97 SCORE magazine pic from 1996's Expo at the Sahara Hotel. 'Cause we miss her so much...so much.... This is the sixth time I've covered Expo in Vegas since its humble origin at the Stardust Hotel. I missed the Miami show, which was covered by one SCORE editor, and I missed the Reno, Nevada show. Although its proper title is the Gentlemens Club Owner's Expo, a lot of people tend refer to it as the Exotic Dancer's Expo. Maybe 'cause you can say it faster. My favorite Expo was held in 1996 at the Sahara in Vegas. Flashing was no issue. My favorite shot was a tit flasher by Maxine Monroe, Lisa Lipps and Wendy Whoppers, in one of her last public appearances as the Wendy Whoppers we all remember.

Her exotic dancers friends
It's Expo 1997 and April is trying to enforce the no-flashing rules. The hands belong to photographer Mike Hammer. We really missed April this year. She was in Boston and passed on attending. Too bad for us! Mike produces the Exotic Dancer Awards Show nowadays.

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