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Since the beginning of my career, thousands of men (and women) have seen me naked. For some time now I have wanted to do a very special photo layout in which I keep my clothes on. I know the Photographer, the Editors and even the Publisher had some doubts about this set, but I wanted to try. What do you think of my efforts? We purposely chose a see-through blouse. The vision of my boobs kind of mashed on them reminded me of seeing children with their faces up against the window of a candy Shoppe. I wanted my fans to quiver with anticipation the whole layout...and then at the end of the layout...go back to each photo and really digest each shot with my boobs just bursting to be released from my blouse.

You will notice that there is a lot of emphasis on my muscular legs, my toned ass, and my seducing the camera. I feel that the past couple of years I have become very comfortable with the camera and have improved my acting skills. I wish that we had taken video of this photo shoot. The camera would have captured my writhing on the ladder, and would have caught me furtively touching myself. I knew that the photo shoot's success was going to be based on my fans feeling my "heat". I went crazy seducing the camera. But, at the same time I had driven myself crazy. I was sopping wet with desire!

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This was Chloe Vevrier 's first pictorial with a man, a leg oriented layout for the premiere issue of Leg Sex Magazine. It's sold-out, unfortunately, and now a Chloe collector's item. For many, this pictorial was a surprise, if not a complete shocker. Chloe Vevrier with a guy on camera? Unthinkable. True, she's seen a few cocks in her life and was not averse to trying this pictorial, but the initial impact of seeing her with a dude jolted a lot of us. The dominated male performer got to make love to Chloe's legs and feet, laying his meat-pipe upon her footsie, as well as sucking her toes. It was this layout that also alerted a lot of us to the previously un-observed fact that she has a fantastic set of gams. Well, we're boob guys first and foremost. Two years later, Chloe would get fucked in Ultimate Chloe Vevrier so this softcore set was a primer of sorts.

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Chloe Vevrier on the road: These pictures were taken while I was visiting Key Largo, Florida and staying at the lovely beach house that my dear ones at SCORE had rented for my ChloesWorld photo sessions. My housemates were Lorna Morgan, a lovely Welsh girl, Chaz and Kerry Marie, two sweet British girls and a new American model, Desirae. It was certainly a very busy week for us all. When the photographer told me about this idea, he needed to explain what it was all about. Then I understood what it was all about. So! It seems that many American men have odd fantasies about beautiful women wearing sexy clothing traveling around the country by obtaining rides from strange men. Of course, in the real world, this is a bit of a dangerous way of travelling for a woman! In the dream world of fantasies, such behavior makes sense to me. Do you know that in Germany, and other countries in Europe, that hitchhiking is organized? People set up rides in advance of their journeys with drivers they will know about before they begin. Yes, it is true, and much safer than accepting rides from strangers in the streets.

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Chloe Vevrier double feature kicks off with Miss Sarenna modeling this highly combustible zebra one piece swimsuit. This pictorial was lensed at SCORELAND and has not yet seen the printing press. Throughout her life, countless guys have hit on her so we asked her what the funniest pick-up she ever heard was. "Have I got a bone for you," she said. "Then he pulled out a dog bone for my dog Poukee."

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