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> Kerry Marie confessed to scoreland: "I prefer modeling to dancing because dancing is quite hard work, and when I travel the country all the time, the hours are long and I'm away from home (Gosport) quite a bit." "Dancing is quite tiring and draining. And the money, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad."

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Kerry Marie loves licking

SCORELAND: You only do softcore with girls. Why is that?
Kerry Marie : I just don't feel comfortable doing anything stronger.

SCORELAND: And you can't imagine yourself ever doing boy-girl hardcore?
K M: No.

SCORELAND: Is that mostly a personal decision, a moral decision or a religious decision? Kerry Marie : It's probably a bit of all three. No offense to anyone who wants to do boy-girl, but it's not for me. I only do things that I'm comfortable with, and that my mom and dad will be comfortable with. If I did boy-girl, they'd probably go mad.

SCORELAND: So your mother and father are aware of what you do?
K M : Yeah, my mom and dad are very laid back. They're like me, basically. They know what I do and they're fine with it.

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Kerry Marie asked scoreland: "This is a very odd shoot with me in pantyhose and high heels in a swimming pool! Where do you lads come up with these ideas?I love the outdoors. It gets to the stage where you think, 'Oh no, not another bed set!' So it's been nice to do shoots [in Key Largo] that I would never get a chance to do at home in England. Back home in England, I live in a little place called Gosport, which is next to Portsmouth. No one has ever heard of Gosport, so I tell people that I'm from Portsmouth.

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Kerry Marie finishes 11th / 1999.
Kerry Marie moves up to 4th / 2000.
Kerry Marie takes the 2nd spot / 2001.

Kerry Marie says: With modeling, you always know what you're gonna get. I was table dancing and lap dancing for the Sunday Sport newspaper, which is a roadshow that they do over in England. We traveled the country and one day I was working at a venue in London. Linsey Dawn McKenzie came in and started chatting with me. She said she had someone who would be interested in shooting me for the big boob magazines. That was about three years ago. It was Linsey who got me in touch with SCORELAND and Voluptuous, so thank you, Linsey."

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