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Roberta Pedon: Bob Ellison, photographer of this collection: "Her waist was as small as a miser's heart. But her breasts: they were as big and bodacious as the most succulent and satisfying melons even the hungriest of horndogs would give his right testicle to munch on. And that eye-popping package of sizzling stats answered to the name that would reach world-wide fame -- Mooschi. But her real name is Roberta Pedon aka Mooschi, and she naturally is among the very select few who have made the pantheon of 'All Time Great Pin-Ups,' specifically those precious few pulchritudinous and pretty princesses in the pre-Porn days, when the pix showed very little beaver, let alone the ol' vajoga itself. A casual acquaintance, a movie producer and the boyfriend of a stripper I had been laying (and with his blessing -- that's California!), called to tell me he had met this cute little Italian girl who spoke only broken English, but whose mountainous mams screamed an international language understood the world over. Would I be interested in meeting her? He was going to use her in a picture of his, "Delinquent collegegirl."

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 THE big bust legend from the 60's

A note on her...

She was living in Venice, near the beach, in a poor area where struggling artists/actors and hippie types resided. She was the hippie type. And living with an aspiring sculptor, a guy probably no more than 25. She was 18. And stunning, even without make-up, which she never wore. Would they mind if I took a few test shots of her, unclothed? They both nodded agreement. She pulled off a loose fitting and sack-like dress, and there she stood in all her ultra-abundant beauty. I knocked off a quick roll of black-and-white, and booked her for three straight days at the end of the week. I then asked her if she had posed for anyone else yet -- either here, or in Europe, or in any other parts of the world she had visited. She said, "No." I dropped off the film at the lab, and a day later when I came to pick up the pictures, there on the wall was an 11X17 color blow-up of Roberta. Gorgeous! Just one catch. I hadn't taken the shot! The lab hesitated to tell me who had, but finally relented. It was a photog whose work I knew -- John Kirk -- but I had never met him. First, though, I called her. She explained that the day after I met her, she had met Kirk. Someone else had recommended her to him... (continued) READ THE ENTIRE STORY AT SCORELAND.COM

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