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Sharday fans beware: for those of you who complained about previous Sharday photo sets with baseballs or food substances, this pictorial is for you. Sharday is wearing -- for a short time -- a hot-looking two-piece outfit that's guaranteed to crank your wank in record time. The big question is whether Sharday will take V-Mag Model of the Year again.

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Sharday 's cover shot for Mamazon perfectly captures the jungle girl mood and cave-woman atmosphere that this special issue is trying to achieve: exotic-erotic, feral, raw, hot-for-cock, savage, prehistoric, tropical, steamy, and a dozen other breastly words. Sharday's facial expression, in fact, is so intense that our U.K. distributor wanted it toned down. So we used an alluring photo of Kerry Marie for the British version of Mamazon instead!

Sharday Winner: V-Mag Model of the Year 2001

"You guys have a knack for giving us tough choices! These ladies are all gorgeous and all deserving to win, but I think, after much hard consideration, Sharday is the most deserving."-T.D.

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SCORELAND: What's a sexual fantasy of yours that you haven't experienced yet?
SHARDAY: Well, there's two. But I'm scared of one. I want to have anal sex.

SCORELAND: And you've never done it?
SHARDAY: No. I'm scared because if the guy's cock is thick, I might get hurt. And the other one is, I want to have sex with a girl and a guy. I've never done it, and I'm really curious to try.

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SCORELAND: What mistakes do you find some men make in bed?
S: Coming too quickly! I hate that.

SCORELAND: So do you like bras that cover your boobs? Or do you like them low cut?
S: Like the one I have on now.

SCORELAND: Do you like the front clip or back clip bras?
S: Back. I can't really find bras that close in the front. It's hard to find any bras in my size.

SCORELAND: Let's see how you put on and take off your bra. (Sharday demonstrates)
SCORELAND: How flexible are you with those? Can you lick them?
S: Yes! (Sharday demonstrates.)

SCORELAND: How much do your boobs weigh, do you think?
S: The doctor said they weigh 15 to 16 pounds. They weigh 7 to 8 pounds each.

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