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Natural tits expert, our man in London, travelled to Budapest, the new mecca of men's mag shooting (at least this year) and met natural tits Andrea, a 125 lb., 5'3" pixie hungry to model. She's 20 years-young, born June 29th, 1982. Ripe for the plucking, Andrea measures 40-28-36. All naturals tits. Not shy. Not bashful. Not self-conscious. A typically brash, expressive Eastern Euro-babe, Andrea looks like a very young Sally Field, the American actress from one of the greatest films ever made, Smokey and The Bandit 2, BUT WITH AWESOME NATURAL TITS. A real Voluptuous babe!

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Nadine Jansen, welcome to V-Mag. Ja, ja, it took a while. The best does. It was planned from the start that Nadine Jansen would grace the cover this month, and a strapping covergirl-centerfold this German superstar makes. Nadine Jansen packs a punch.This is a different Nadine Jansen from the aspiring model who wouldn't take off those bluejeans and who was too shy to show her pussy. Much less reserved. Very warm and inviting to the camera. Nadine Jansen has become an international sensation and a popular TV figure in Berlin. (You German SCORELAND members are fortunate.) Nadine Jansen's still too shy.

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It was a lecherously hot, day in Key Largo, Florida. Even the air was sweating. A salty, invigorating ocean breeze came ashore with the tide. There was the femme fatale, Lorna Morgan, far away from her native Wales.There was a glass of thick, heavy cream, fresh off the truck. Ordinary milk would have just coated her body in a mundane pattern. But the cream. Yes, the cream.


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