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We have been friends for as long as I can remember... Anna was my favorite gal. We spent a lot of time together, studying, shopping and chit-chating over the phone. She must have suspected I liked her. And I mean, *like* her. As in licking her pussy, kissing her lips and spending hours caressing her soft skin. I say 'she must have suspected' because I called her yesterday to tell her to come over "cause my parents weren't home" and she immediately replied "I got it". It wasn't a surprise then that she came wearing the smallest panty I have ever seen....


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Once home, I told her we could watch some TV, unwind and take it easy. But something was in the air. I could smell it (and smell her tangy aroma) because she sat down next to me on the couch and I mean really, really, really next to me. So in no time we were both playing with each others' different body areas until she reached up to my neck and started kissing me. I swear this was my first girl girl kiss. It took a little more confidence until we went full blown tongue to tongue and it was lesbilicious. I enjoyed her lips, her mouth and her saliva enormously and now I think all day when are we going to get together for the *rest*...

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